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Starting the surrogacy process as a parent!

While we understand that making up your mind about surrogacy is quite tough, our personalized surrogacy services and consultation is always there to make it easy for you. We have further partnered with one of the best IVF clinics and Egg donor agencies around the world which will be right there for you at every step irrespective of your location or surrogacy program. With our founder being former intended parents himself, we totally understand the level of stress you carry along during your surrogacy journey.

Although there will be a thousand thought running into your mind about your surrogacy plans and the outcome, our medical specialists will be right there to guide you for everything. We will take care of your surrogacy journey from start to end and will ensure that your partnership with us goes in a smooth and convenient manner.

“We make your Surrogacy journey go easy!”
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Choose donor attributes to you while protecting client and donor identity at all times.


Personal phone calls, Skype meeting or in-person meeting available.


Committed donors who meet criteria of IVF centers. Education and test scores verified.


To fight for your dreams,our 1000+ success stories define our innovations.

Round the clock assistance!

Once you get on board with us for your surrogacy journey, you get an access to our best in class medical professionals and consultants which will be available for you at any point of the day. We understand that a medical need can arise at any point of the hour and thus, all our partnered IVF clinics will support you round the clock for all your queries and questions.

“At Surrogacy point, our clients are more than just mere numbers and our commitment to bring only the best for them makes us a standout in the surrogacy industry”

How Surrogacy point is different from any other surrogacy agency?

  • Best in class support and assistance: It’s not just about the medical support and our legal professionals will be there at your service for all your legal requirements within the surrogacy program. All of them are qualified attorneys in the assisted reproductive laws and will guide you through every single step.
  • Proper screening and evaluation of the surrogates: Before we put a surrogate mother on board for your services, we first screen and evaluate them on lots of factors including their physical and mental health along with its character background. This will be done with the help of a thorough health screening process which will be followed by a number of test and diagnostics in the same regards.
  • Detailed matching process: We first try to understand your specific needs and requirements with the surrogate mother and then bring on our matching process in place for the same purpose. This ultimately helps us in getting the right and most suitable surrogate mother as per your expectation which also eliminates the risk of any future issues in the same regards.
  • Bringing the most advanced ART services: Apart from providing the top-notch surrogacy services, we are renowned for providing state of the art medical services with the help of all our partnered clinics across the globe. You simply have to choose from the best available options and we will take care of the rest in the process. Contact one of our customer support advisors today and get your first consultation form us free of cost.