IUI Treatment

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a process where the male sperm is been placed into the uterus of the female under the IVF treatment at the time of Ovulation. Also, it’s been brought into use during The IVF treatment after the couples have been diagnosed with certain infertility issues and the female partner especially carrying along with an issue of cervical mucus. The process is been carried out along with specific ovulation-stimulating drugs and involves the usage of male sperm in the whole process.

Apparently, the women patient needs to be screened and diagnosed for any type of hormonal imbalance, infections or health issues before getting through the IUI process as the occurrence of same issues may create further complications in the whole treatment process.

When is IUI recommended?

  • Situations with Male partners where they are experiencing low sperm counts issues, low quality sperm issues or sperms with poor motility.
  • Females or males going through unexplainable infertility issues.
  • Couples who are bringing in a sperm donor in their IVF treatment.
  • Couples who have experienced IVF treatments without any success in the past.
  • Male and female partners experiencing certain issues within their sexual intercourse process (like sexual dysfunction).
  • Couples experiencing certain issues during their sexual intercourse sessions whilst being under certain fertility medications or IUI.
  • IUI comes as a mandatedIUI becomes quite useful to support the fertilization process in cases where the male partner is going through an ejaculatory dysfunction issue. procedure when the Surrogate mother’s eggs are been used by the Intended parents for the surrogacy process.
  • IUI becomes quite useful to support the fertilization process in cases where the male partner is going through an ejaculatory dysfunction issue.

Benefits of IUI Process

If we talk about the benefits of IUI in terms of its relevance in surrogacy, there are two of the biggest advantages that it carries along. Firstly, the IUI process is inexpensive and more affordable than IVF as it eliminates the regular laboratory monitoring and procedures which requires expensive equipment and chemicals in use altogether. On the other side, it also takes out the extra cost associated with the egg extraction and that ultimately eliminates the overhead expenses in the same regards. Thirdly, the eggs are hereby not required to be retrieved out of the female body and there it makes the whole process less painful and stressful for the female partner under treatment.

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