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For decades, millions of health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts have relied on Mohsen Motamedian for best advice and recommendations in regards to health-based products and supplements. Our commitment to quality, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in unrivaled opinions on the best vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We’re happy to offer you the best advice and suggestions on supplements of exceptional quality and value by combining the most recent advances and developments in nutritional research with the best health practices.

Mohsen Motamedian is the CEO of Bashari inc, is a group of wellness companies dedicated to offering high-quality vitamins supplements and other related products to complement people’s lives and physical health.


Mohsen motamedianYou can always count on us for all of your health-related needs!

Our scientists, production professionals, and quality experts monitor all the suggestions and recommendations made on supplements, all of whom are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards. At Mohsen Motamedian, we exclusively employ the suggestions and recommendations of the best health experts and doctors to bring you the best of health products and services.

We further advise on random aspects like disease prevention, weight loss programs, medical detox programs, and complete health and nutritional care.



Mohsen motamedianOur commitment: to bring only the best in your health’s interest!

We don’t simply advise on best health practices, but instead, help you with a step-by-step guide to employ these practices in your daily lifestyle. For us, it’s not just about recommending the best nutritional supplement to our readers but bringing the best way to use those products and services in the common interest of your health and wellbeing.


Mohsen motamedianMeet our founder: Mohsen Motamedian

Max Motamedian has carved a reputation for himself as one of the country’s most renowned entrepreneurs. He is also the CEO of Bashari Inc, a company that has been manufacturing and distributing vitamins and supplements across the world since 2008.

Mr. Mohsen Motamedian has been an active participant in all of the firm’s principal commercial tasks, including marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution since he first entered the industry. We can undoubtedly attribute Mr. Mohsen Motamedian of Bashari Inc’s unparalleled talent and futuristic vision for the same growth and evolution. Mr. Mohsen Motamedian has proven his expertise while offering top-notch healthcare goods and services to its global clients and consumers.

Bashari Inc uses a one-of-a-kind process to determine a person’s health. This is where it differs from the competition by doing a one-of-a-kind health evaluation for each of its clients, which includes critical observations and diagnoses regarding their overall health and well-being. The company also brought on board the greatest and most experienced health specialists, who would then propose the most practical and appropriate supplements (based on your biometrics) to improve your overall health and wellness.

Mohsen Motamedian, the current CEO of Bashari Inc, has always kept up with all of the latest developments and events in the medical and health science fields. He has also made it a point to attend most health-related seminars and conferences throughout the world, where world-renowned health specialists gather to share their knowledge and experiences regarding the latest approaches and tactics in the business.

Max motamedianWhy we are the best?

Mohsen Motamedian has effectively designed and implemented all of the important initiatives of his firm in recent years to support and aid the company’s general growth and development. Mohsen Motamedian export has also represented the firm in a number of events and ceremonies, including the International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine, Laser Conference & Exhibition, Dubai World Dermatology, and MEPLAST 2009.

It is primarily because of his extensive experience and competence in the same field that he has been able to provide the company with the appropriate approach and decisive qualities. As a consequence, Bashari Inc has established itself as a prominent health and beauty care brand.

It should be noted that Mohsen Motamedian completed his studies at the prestigious California State University, Long Beach, before joining Bashari Inc. This piqued his interest in the health and nutrition field, and he went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in electronics with a concentration in biomedical engineering. In order to manage his funds, he has also worked as a digital marketer and a real estate agent for a long period. Apart from his company, Mr. Max Motamedian has made a name for himself as one of the country’s most well-known philanthropists. He is now associated with a number of philanthropic organizations, including the Autism Society and the Child Foundation. Mohsen Motamedian enjoys skiing, hiking, watching movies, traveling, and reading about aviation and vehicles in addition to his professional hobbies.