Same-sex families

Same-sex parents

 When it comes to surrogacy for straight couples, eggs and sperms from both the partners gets used to create and develop the embryo and the same embryo then gets placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother eventually. However in Gay surrogacy, it all depends on the choice of the Intended fathers whether they want the sperm fro0m one or both to be used in order to get along with the same process.
This generally happens in those cases where one or both of the intended fathers wants to become the biological father of the future child and options are available for them at Surrogacy point in the same regards.

“Surrogacy is one of the BEST options for all the same-sex parents to have a child in their lives and it also provides them an opportunity to get biologically connected to a child which is otherwise not possible in the adoption process. On the other side, pregnancy is largely achieved with the help of an egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate mother, and IVF process and the couples have to decide on a lot of aspects in regards to their decision in the same regards.”

Making the decision about the genetic connection with the child-

When it comes to surrogacy process for same-sex parents, the sperm or the egg from one of the parents is used to create and develop an embryo via IVF. Moreover, the decision has to be taken by the same sex parents whilst going ahead with a surrogacy arrangement. There are certain cases where the eggs and sperm of one or both of the parents get used to creating multiple embryos and the best quality ones then get transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother.

Making the decision about a known or an anonymous donor-

It’s always convenient and recommended to get along with a surrogacy agency, but still, there are LGBT couples and individuals who chose to work with an identified egg or sperm donor. There are instances where the Intended fathers may decide to use one partner’s sperm with eggs of a close relative or partner which will ultimately give both the fathers, a biological connection with the future child.

Surrogacy laws for same-sex parents

A same-sex parent doesn’t often enjoy the same liberty as normal couples in terms of surrogacy arrangement and they have quite limited options to choose from. This mostly happens due to the ban on same-sex surrogacy in most of the countries around the world. Still, there are countries like the UK, Denmark, Kenya, and Belgium where surrogacy is legal for same-sex parents and they can go ahead with the whole process in the normal manner.

Our commitment!

At Surrogacy point, our expert team of best medical and legal professionals will help you in guiding through the best surrogacy program irrespective of your sexual orientation and this is what makes us different from other surrogacy agencies. We have partnered with the best IVF clinics and egg or sperm donor agencies across the globe to bring you only the best and most convenient experience on course to your surrogacy journey .It doesn’t matter which country you would like to go ahead with your surrogacy program, we will bring up the most convenient and easy process son board for your respective case