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Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy has come up as one of the biggest blessings to most of the parents worldwide with the help of medical science. Not only has it helped all those couples who are struggling through various infertility issues, it has facilitated all those women who don’t want to conceive due to their own random reasons. More and more childless parents have now been able to find the most awaited happiness of their lives.

Still there are many parents who are deprived of these facilities due to the absence of a good surrogacy agency in their respective locality. Surrogacy point has stepped into the Australian territory in the same perspective and we are here to help all the struggling couples from the devil of infertility. You may need to pay an amount in between $15,000 and $100,000 for surrogacy in Australia.

Surrogacy laws in Australia

Australia always facilities a modern approach within their societies and they have proved it further in the field of surrogacy as well. Most of the states in the country supports and permits surrogacy apart from the northern regions which is yet to regulate the same. Still the Commercial surrogacy is not permitted in the country and Altruistic surrogacy is largely been practiced in its place.

“We don’t look at Surrogacy in a business perspective and always think about bringing it forward to the service of the mankind. For us, surrogacy will always be a man made wonder which has helped in transforming numerous lives over the years and made them meet the most awaited happiness of their entire lives”

Surrogacy for everyone

Even though Surrogacy has become one of the most sought after arrangement by most of the couples worldwide, it is not that accessible for most of the people around due to their financial barriers. One of the biggest reasons for the same is the high cost factor for the medical treatments and diagnosis involved in the surrogacy process.

On the other side, the surrogate mothers need to be provided with all the medical facilities and assistance during their pregnancy period along with all the other aspects in the same regards. This is where it becomes a bit expensive and gets out of the reach of all the middle income group people.

This is why here at Surrogacy point, we go by the belief that surrogacy must be reachable and affordable to everyone and brings you the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs within your specific budgets .You can chose the best surrogacy program after having a chat with our customer support team without going high on your budget.

Our approach

Surrogacy Point is one of the most renowned surrogacy agencies in Australia and we are there at every step of your surrogacy journey with all the support and assistance. We are not like other surrogacy agencies that come and offer you the service, take the payment and get away from the picture. We will be there at your service from”start to end” whilst facilitating all the regular check-ups, diagnosis, test and other required medical treatments in the process. Apart from Surrogacy programs, we offer other treatments like IVF, PGD, PGS, IUI, Assisted Hatching and Blastocyst.

“We always keep Surrogacy as convenient as possible for you!”

We, as a surrogate agency, always ensure that you have been properly guided and counseled before getting on board with the surrogacy program and its only after you make up your mind, we brief you about the further procedures. You simply don’t need to worry about the whole process as we will be there beside you during every step of your surrogacy journey.